Learn more about Comtex and your phone.

Can I purchase FIBER /COAX high speed internet services through Comtex?

YES, we recommend a “one stop shop” experience so that we are responsible for the entire project from scheduling & configurations to final install / cutover. While Comtex recommends purchasing internet/fiber through our company, it is not required.

Can we provide references from other customers of Comtex?

YES, we are happy to provide a list of current customers from our client base of more than 3200 from all over the state of Alabama. Please contact your sales representative.

Can you provide a live demonstration of your products?

Comtex offers you a FREE LUNCH along with a LIVE demonstration in our conference room/demo room for Birmingham or Montgomery area prospects. In addition, a limited demonstration is available at your office.

Do you provide residential services?

Comtex sells commercial grade equipment primarily for local Alabama businesses.

Do you provide training on your products?

Yes, we provide minimum of two (2) hours training for all products at your offices upon installation and then offer FREE training in our demo rooms while under warranty / maintenance.

How do I change my main greeting? - Iwatsu

From any phone, lift the handset, press 71 and listen briefly to current greeting. Press pound (#). Enter mailbox 900 for DAYTIME or enter mailbox 905 for NIGHT TIME. Press 3 for User Options. Press 2 for Greeting Management. Press 2 to Record. Press 1 for Greeting to Record. Record your greeting. Press pound (#) when finished recording. Once satisfied with greeting, press 4 to SAVE. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU PRESS 4 TO SAVE.

How do I change my main greeting? - Mobility/ESNA

For the mobility voicemail system, press 71. Press Pound, then Star. Enter default pass code 1111. Press 4 for System Prompts,press 2 for Company Salutations. Enter 01 for the 2 Digit Company ID. Enter 0002 for the 4 digit Company Greeting. The current greeting will play. Press 3 to record, press pound when finished recording. Press 1 to Accept. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU PRESS 1 TO ACCEPT.

How do I change my main greeting? - Omega 924

For Omega 924 lines, press 7 Star. Briefly listen to the main greeting. Press 7 Star, Star. Enter 1 for Company, enter 1 again to confirm. Enter passcode (default is 123456). Press 1 for General System Settings. Press 2 for Main Greeting. Press 1 for English. Press 1 for greetings played during Regular hours or Press 2 for Greetings played during After Hours. Continue to follow prompts for recording and saving.

How do I change my main greeting? - Toshiba

For the TOSHIBA voicemail systems: press the Voicemail key (not the envelope key). Press Pound (#). Enter STAR (*), 990, then Pound (#). Enter default passcode (990997#). Press 3 for Mailbox options. Press 1 to Change Greetings. Press 1 to select Greeting to Change. Press 2 to record Greeting. Record your greeting. Press Pound (#) when finished recording. Omce satisfied with your greeting, press 9 to SAVE.

How do I change the time on my telephones? - Iwatsu

Go to the main telephone (usually operator or receptionist), lift the handset*, press FEAT (or Feature), dial 64, then enter the time in a 24 hour format (i.e. 1:31PM = 13:31). *If you automatically get a line when you lift the handset, you must press ICM before pressing the FEAT key. DON'T FORGET TO CHANGE TIME ON YOUR VOICEMAIL!

How do I change the time on my telephones? - Omega 924

For Omega 924 customers, go to the main operator phone. Press Feature, Pound, Star. Enter the default pass code (000000 - 6 zeroes) then press Show. Enter 4 1 5 and press Show. The display should read SYSTEM TIME, press Show again. Continue to press NEXT until you reach the screen labeled HOUR. Enter the current hour in a 24-hour format (i.e. 1:30 PM = 13:30), Press SAVE, then press NEXT. Change the minutes if necessary, then press SAVE again. To leave the screen press SPKR. The Voicemail Time is reflected by the TELEPHONE system time.

How do I change the time on my telephones? - Toshiba

For the Toshiba CIX customers, press Speaker (located above the volume control buttons to the right of your handset), enter #652. You should hear a confirmation tone (if you hear a fast busy, please call us and put in a service request). Enter the time in a 24-hour format HHMMSS - (ie 1:31 PM = 13:31:00). Press Pound again. You will hear a confirmation tone. Press Speaker to hang up. DON'T FORGET TO CHANGE TIME ON YOUR VOICEMAIL!

How do I change the time on my voicemail? - Iwatsu

For IWATSU/Icon Voice Networks, lift your handset (from any phone), press 71, then press pound, enter 201, enter passcode (if prompted), press 4 for Admin, press 5 for Time, enter time in a 24-hour format (i.e. 1:31 PM = 13:31). DON'T FORGET TO CHANGE YOUR TELEPHONE SYSTEM TIME!

How do I scroll through my Caller ID?

This process is for the ICON Voice Networks (IWATSU) telephone system. Press SPEAKER (if you do not automatically get a line out) or press ICM (if you do automatically get a line out). Press CALLER ID button. Press STAR (*) to Scroll Backward. Press pound (#) to scroll forward.

How do I "Whisper Page" someone?

This feature is only available on the ICON Voice Networks (IWATSU) phone. After calling a busy station, press the STAR (*) button and speak. Stay on briefly to check for a reply. To reply to a whisper page, the “whispered party” needs to press STAR (*). Press STAR (*) again to return to previous conversation.

What services do you provide?

Comtex offers a variety of technology solutions including telephone systems, security camera systems, access control, structured wiring, and Internet services.

What type of payment options are available when purchasing from Comtex?

We offer lease purchase plans for 36 to 60 months and we accept checks and all major credit cards. Occasionally, we offer sales promotions with 90 days interest free. Contact sales representative for details.