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News You Can Use Spring 2015

News You Can Use Spring 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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Why pay for Consultants? Keep Your SAVINGS!

VOIP vs Digital: What's the Diff?

Ty's Tech Tip: Day-Night Mode Revealed


Tip of the Day


How do I change the time on my telephones? - Omega 924


For Omega 924 customers, go to the main operator phone. Press Feature, Pound, Star. Enter the default pass code (000000 - 6 zeroes) then press Show. Enter 4 1 5 and press Show. The display should read SYSTEM TIME, press Show again. Continue to press NEXT until you reach the screen labeled HOUR. Enter the current hour in a 24-hour format (i.e. 1:30 PM = 13:30), Press SAVE, then press NEXT. Change the minutes if necessary, then press SAVE again. To leave the screen press SPKR. The Voicemail Time is reflected by the TELEPHONE system time.

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