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Business is BUSY!

Business is BUSY!

Thursday, February 18, 2016 Rachel Arnone


We at Comtex have many projects happening at the moment. Among them are AV/Camera/Telephone installation at the second location of Mellow Mushroom downtown. We are upgrading the phone system at Starke Agency, installing Cat5/inside wiring for Vision America, along with cameras in the Forest Hills and Arrowhead neighborhoods! With our expansion into the Birmingham area we are upgrading phones and installing Cat6 wiring at MedJetAssist & Real Alloy. We are so grateful to have so much work in progress & look forward to continuing to do so!



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How do I change my main greeting? - Iwatsu


From any phone, lift the handset, press 71 and listen briefly to current greeting. Press pound (#). Enter mailbox 900 for DAYTIME or enter mailbox 905 for NIGHT TIME. Press 3 for User Options. Press 2 for Greeting Management. Press 2 to Record. Press 1 for Greeting to Record. Record your greeting. Press pound (#) when finished recording. Once satisfied with greeting, press 4 to SAVE. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU PRESS 4 TO SAVE.

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