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Comtex Does What?

Comtex Does What?

Friday, July 21, 2017


H O O K I N G  U P  C O M P A N I E S  A L L  O V E R  T H E  S T A T E






  • Comtex Does What?


 Our customers often call about one issue, mention another issue they are having, only to find out we offer more services than they realized. A few of our services you may not know we offer are access control, internet/fiber sales & security cameras.


Access control limits access to office buildings, rooms, physical IT infrastructure and more.The four main categories of access control are:

- Mandatory access control - Discretionary access control - Role-based access control - Rule-based access control

Access control systems perform authorization identification, authentication, access approval and accountability of entities (reports available for 3 years) through login credentials including passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), biometric scans and physical or electronic card/keys/fobs. Systems can be designed for simple and easy access (key fob near proximity sensor) to advanced dual identification which may or may not include biometrics (like retina/hand scanner).

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We work with all major carriers (AT&T, Charter, WOW & more) carriers with speeds
from 10Mbps up to 450 Mbps. Through our agreements, partnerships and
contacts we can quote sell, order, schedule, implement and coordinate all phases of switching your services to a NEW carrier. We charge a FLAT rate fee of $100 to research and produce THREE separate carrier quotes and in some cases the fee may be waived. Call today and let
 Comtex compare shop for you. No more hassle between the carrier and the equipment vendor. For a worry-free HOOK UP we handle everything!

With today’s technology, deciding which type of camera system can be difficult. The newest type of camera is known as HD over COAX or TVI. While these are not as expensive as the IP cameras, they will cost approximately 20% more than analog and provide full 1080p High Definition images.

IP (internet protocol) are network cameras that use computer network switches and routers to send images back to the DVR. These cameras start at 2MP & move up to 5MP & higher. Separate wiring & network is recommended, as these use a lot of bandwidth on a network. The images from 2MP IP cameras are the same as the 2MP TVI cameras, but the advantage of 3MP to 5MP is that you can “zoom” into the image without losing as much detail when reviewing footage.

So – which system is BEST for you? Most likely it is a mixture of these technologies deployed where needed. Comtex sells a camera system DVR (holds video for 2-4 weeks), it is known as a Tri-brid system & can support analog, TVI and IP (up to 5MP) cameras all on the same DVR / system.

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Hopefully, you are now aware we aren't JUST a telephone company. We are eager to create solutions for your company regarding your telephone needs, along with any of the additional services we provide. When you need assistance with access control, internet services or security cameras, we are your





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Comtex offers a variety of technology solutions including telephone systems, security camera systems, access control, structured wiring, and Internet services.

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