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Comtex Wins Bid!!

Comtex Wins Bid!!

Monday, February 06, 2017 Production Productive IT

Comtex wins bid to install 100 security cameras at new student dorm in Auburn!  Formerly known as The Parker, now The Jackson, the development will include first-floor retail with student housing on the five upper floors.  The Jackson building will feature 126 units, or 456 beds, with two, three, four & five-bedroom units offered.  Plans for the building also include a pool, bike parking & a parking deck that includes two subterranean levels and two levels of above-ground parking. The above-ground parking will be architecturally hidden. (source: www.auburnvillager.com)

 Call Comtex today and let us HOOK YOU UP with the latest security and technology solutions. We offer telecom & security equipment for small to medium size businesses in addition to low voltage wiring for voice & data.


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How do I change my main greeting? - Mobility/ESNA


For the mobility voicemail system, press 71. Press Pound, then Star. Enter default pass code 1111. Press 4 for System Prompts,press 2 for Company Salutations. Enter 01 for the 2 Digit Company ID. Enter 0002 for the 4 digit Company Greeting. The current greeting will play. Press 3 to record, press pound when finished recording. Press 1 to Accept. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU PRESS 1 TO ACCEPT.

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