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VOIP vs. Digital - What's the Difference?

VOIP vs. Digital - What's the Difference?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


VOIP vs. Digital - What’s the Diff?

Comtex offers three telephone system product lines, IWATSU, TOSHIBA, and ALCATEL LUCENT. All have VOIP options as well as the traditional or legacy DIGITAL telephone solutions. SO -- What exactly is VOIP? The acronym stands for VOICE (V) packets that are audio files in a digital format of zeroes and ones OVER (O) or transmitted by INTERNET PROTCOL (IP) which is a computer / data format or standard. IT professionals will like all they hear about VOIP telephone systems because it all makes sense in “their world.” BUT, in reality it is only a different TYPE of telephone (audio) communications method for the computer industry versus traditional digital telephone systems, which use strange (to them) words and acronyms like KSU, PBX, MDF, IDF, physical ports, logical ports, PRI, CO lines, all connected with (even more amazing to them) only one pair of wires. Surely 4 pairs or 8 wires per phone are better than one pair....right?

Digital telephones and IP telephones have the same features available. The MAIN advantage to VOIP is for remote workers, or when connecting multiple offices via the INTERNET – hence you must use voice over INTERNET protocol. This protocol uses IT infrastructure and software and your computer wiring network (or another duplicate network for the phones) to connect devices (telephones). So, each time your computer network goes down, so does your phone. But within the 4 walls for your stand alone building there is no reason to buy a VOIP system when you have a separate stand-alone DIGITAL wiring network in place. Let Comtex help you Get the Hook Up and SAVE YOUR business some BIG $$.


Tip of the Day


How do I change the time on my voicemail? - Iwatsu


For IWATSU/Icon Voice Networks, lift your handset (from any phone), press 71, then press pound, enter 201, enter passcode (if prompted), press 4 for Admin, press 5 for Time, enter time in a 24-hour format (i.e. 1:31 PM = 13:31). DON'T FORGET TO CHANGE YOUR TELEPHONE SYSTEM TIME!

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