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ISC East Surveillance Road Show - New York City!

ISC East Surveillance Road Show - New York City!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 Ty Glassford

I find it very interesting --- and maybe providential --- that I am writing our very first blog entry from New York City the center for commerce here in the U.S. For nearly 30 years now, Comtex has been striving to provide the latest in technology as it relates to telecommunications, video surveillance, access control, audio-video, and low voltage wiring. Keeping up with the current technologies and latest trends is easy to do via the web, but to develop long term relationships with vendors we can trust to treat our clients "right" we need to see them eye to eye. Unfortunately, all the best practices in the U.S. may not have made it to Alabama quite yet, and most vendors forget we are part of the U.S. (just kidding). So, Comtex has made a huge investment in time, money and travel this week by attending the annual ISC East show which has more than 200 manufacturers all in one place, under one roof, at the same time. Some of the biggest names in the industry are here. To see a list of exhibitors of video surveillance, security products, and more, click here.....http://www.isceast.com/

While our current relationships will only be strengthened over time, we are looking to expand our product lines and ensure that if anyone out there has built a "better mousetrap," we want to know about it so that our clients can know about it. In addition, technology continues to drive down pricing of legacy analog products (which still suffice for many), and brings the Top End down sort speak to make it more affordable for our Small to Medium Business (SMB) clients. We are excited to be here and eager to learn about so many different perspectives and practices. Hopefully, we will have sore feet, and experience some "brain overload" while here, but all in a good way for you -- our clients. Thank you for reading this and we will try to keep it more informative in the future. 

ONE LAST point --- for those of you in our Neighborhood / HOA Security program that asked about mounting security cameras up higher in the air on steel poles, we have now a supply of reasonably priced steel poles and have installed a total of eight neighborhoods with 12' steel poles versus the 7' wooden posts. If you are interested in an upgrade, please call our offices for a free estimate.

Ty Glassford,


November 17, 2015

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