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Hosted . Cloud

Hosted . Cloud

Comtex offers hosted services as a telephone solution which uses the Internet "pipe" for connectivity back to a remote provider. In lieu of owning the CPE, clients can now essentially "rent" extremely reliable telephone processing power from a remote center and disconnect most all of its local telephone lines or phone service. All of these type of solutions require the use of VOIP telephones or IP telephones which are programmed and installed by Comtex and connect to the remote telephone service center in Dallas, Texas.

Hosted/Cloud solutions require CAT5 or CAT6 network wiring within your offices which can be on the same network as your computers or a completely separate and unique network.

One unique advantage of a Comtex hosted solution is that the exact same telephones operate with a CPE solution as well as with the Hosted/Cloud solution which makes for "flipping" from one to the other a seamless process which in turn provides greater flexibility.

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