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Security Camera Systems

Security Camera Systems

In the business world today, security has become a leading concern. While many good things happen each day, many of us are affected by the not so good things. Often, after the fact, we wish we had video evidence to support our case or claim. In addition, sometimes, situational awareness is very important for productivity in which case we are not looking for bad things, but rather good things through non-intrusive observation of our business.


Comtex offers security camera systems and solutions for both of these business applications in the State of Alabama specifically our Montgomery and Birmingham markets. All of our solutions & products are compatible with iPhone, iOS, and Android OS smart phones & tablets. Our software is absolutely the easiest to use when it comes time to review what happened. The app can be opened with the ability to review what happened when the alarm went off within 60 seconds or even faster with LIVE view.

We are excited to offer 2 Megapixel HD imaging over coax (HDOC) meaning you no longer have to rewire your business for the highest quality cameras nor are you restricted to 300 feet of network cable limitations. This latest in technology product also contains night time imaging in full color! AND -- they are surprisingly affordable for small business. Leasing plans are available.

In addition to the HDOC Systems, we offer IP camera systems that provide a minimum of 2 Megapixel images, considered High Definition quality cameras and with digital zoom that can reveal details of at least twice the distance or clarity of the high resolution cameras.

Our standard product line provides a minimum of 700 lines of resolution, which is considered high resolution, cameras and hard drive storage options up to 9 TB. The systems is available in 4 port to 32 port sizes. Multiple sites can be networked & viewed through our CMS software providing central monitoring.

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