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Neighborhood . Residential Cameras

Neighborhood . Residential Cameras

Are you looking to secure your neighborhood & increase the value of the homes in your area? OR looking to deter criminals? More and more neighborhoods are reaping the benefits of putting camera systems at the entrances of their communities. To date, several arrests have resulted from information police have been able to obtain from camera-recorded information in neighborhoods with Comtex installed cameras.

Comtex offers license plate cameras that hone in and record the license plates of the vehicles as they enter or leave the neighborhood and are focused for day and night effects. ID cameras captures the images of the entire area and it becomes easy to match up cars with license plates. The digital images recorded at each location is time stamped, so that if a crime is committed or some other event occurs, neighborhoods now have an approximate time making the footage download a snap. This images can be put on a USB drive & can be given to the local police for easier review. The cameras are not monitored by Comtex or the Police Department. Each site can store up to two weeks of traffic in digital form on a hard drive. The DVR is not on the Internet so the information stays secure.

The presence of neighborhood security cameras has effectively deterred criminal activity as well as providing potential residents of these communities the knowledge that their Home Owner's Association, Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Watch or Improvement Association is proactive in the efforts to enhance security & maintain property values.

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